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28. Oktober 2007, von in Open Source, Software

Gefunden beim Schockwellenreiter:
Wer sich schnell und unkompliziert ein eigenes Wiki erstellen möchte, sollte sich anschauen. Hier kann man sich online ein Wiki anlegen und gleich – ohne Installationsstress – loslegen und Inhalte produzieren.

Probiert’s doch mal aus und postet den Link zu Eurem Wiki in die Kommentare.

Einen Einblick in die Featureliste gibt es hier:
Tools for building communities is not only a place to create pages. It is a place to build communities. Therefore we offer forums, communication between users, interactivity.
Powerful Wiki syntax and engine

Our Wiki Syntax is certainly one of the most powerful available. Read more or try it in the Sandbox demo. Our engine is built not only to handle simple sites, but whole portals. It also allows to embed LaTeX-style equations, bibliography items, footnotes and more features. (also look at for more examples)

Enrich your pages with videos, music, podcasts, imported RSS feeds, images, bookmarks and much more. Extend your pages using a growing number of Modules that will help you build truly interactive portals.
Wiki editor does not feature a WYSIWYG editor. We offer an editor, that really helps you creating what you want. Try it in the Sandbox.
Modern interface

The user interface uses a lot of cutting-edge technology for one simple goal: simplify things. No fancy widgets, no strange pop-ups. It just works. (AJAX, DOM, JavaScript etc. included)
Free domain mapping

If you decide you do not want to use the free subdomain within — we can handle any other domain (such as for you! For free.
File storage

At the moment we offer 100MB per Site for the files you can attach to pages. This will grow.
Forum for each Site

Static pages are not a sufficient tools for a place for online communities. Forums are what you really want! Take a look at our Community Forum to have a glimpse of what you can have.
Private messages

We let our Users communicate easily — just by sending private messages. Each User can have a list of contact and can also configure who is allowed to send him messages.
RSS export

Stay notified! RSS for page changes, new forum posts, threads, page comments… Private (password-protected) RSS feeds for Site Administrators with Site notifications and private RSS feed for each User with account notifications.
Keep your Site organized

Categorize your content using page categories (namespaces), tags and „parent page“ relation. Generate tag clouds, listings or even structured site maps.
Roles and the permissions system

You can decide who can edit, rename, attach files, replace/delete files within your pages. Who can start new forum threads, add new posts, edit posts and much more. Open your Site totally by allowing anonymous edits or keep number of your editors under control.

Allow Users to join your Sites and assign them roles (pages/forum Moderators, Administrators or just Members).

Themes can be assigned to each of categories within a site. You can also use your own custom themes (CSS-based). You can preview standard themes (we will add new themes soon!).
Content licenses

We highly recommend using Creative Commons licenses or GFDL for the content. Licenses can be easily chosen from the site management panel.
Secure login

When using you can be sure your private data is transmitted safely! No more plain-text passwords. We use a JavaScript implementation of RSA (512 bytes key) algorithm to encrypt your login data and other private stuff.
SSL (HTTPS) access

Need more security? Enable SSL access to your Wiki. Paranoid? Ask your members to log in again over HTTPS with a secure cookie.
Private backups

You can easily create and download a ZIP archive containing a snapshot of your Wiki — source for all the pages and attached files.
Safe data — daily backups

We backup the data from our servers every day and make a full copy of all the Sites to a remote server. We also use redundant disk drives (RAID). We do our best to keep your data safe and consistent!

Frank Roebers, 28. Oktober 2007 um 10:46

Habe mir das gerade mal genauer angeschaut (auch einen tiefen Blick in die TOS geworfen). Man kann das auch gewerblich kostenlos nutzen. Es ist so einstellbar, dass es sowohl öffentlich als auch geschlossen nutzbar ist. Für die kleinen Wikis zwischendurch allemal besser als sich ein Mediawiki einzurichten.

Frank Roebers, 28. Oktober 2007 um 12:34

Ich weiß zwar noch nicht genau, was wir damit machen können, ich habe aber vorsichtshalber schon mal eins für uns eingerichtet:

ingoluecker, 28. Oktober 2007 um 20:14

Ich habe mir wikidot angesehen und bin begeistert, wie einfach jedermann nun sein eigenes Wiki nutzen kann. Das wichtigste ist, dass diejenigen auch zu schätzen wissen, welches Potential hinter einem eigenen Wiki steht.

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